For Authors

“If you can get your book to Pittsburgh, we’ll put it on our shelves.”


Whether you are self-published or are distributed through a company, we will offer your book for sale in our store and will list your title on the Authors Select page of our site.



How does Authors Select work?

The Tiny Bookstore is interested in selling books that people will enjoy.  We believe that there are a lot of good books out there that people just don’t get to read because of availability and distribution problems.  To help introduce audiences to a wide variety of authors, we are willing to sell almost any book that an author sends to us. If the book sells, you get 50% of the sale.  When your book sells, we will promote the sale on our site and through social media.


Do authors have to pay anything?

Aside from the expense of shipping the book to us, no.


So, what’s the catch?

This is not a consignment program and we are not paying for the books in advance. And if the book doesn’t sell, we are not obligated to send it back to you at our expense.


Anything else?

  1. We ask that you only send one copy of each title you want to place in our store. If you want to send an extra copy for us to review, please include a note to let us know.
  2. As the seller of the book, we will remit sales tax on in-store sales to Pennsylvania.
  3. We may not accept your book if you don’t submit the requested information through our site before your book arrives in store.  In other words: If you send unsolicited books, we may not promote it through the Authors Select program.
  4. To make the Authors Select page as helpful as possible, we strongly advise that you email us a link to your author page. Emailing us a JPEG of your book’s cover will also make our lives easier.
  5. We will not be selling your book through our website yet. Which makes #4 really important.
  6. Although we don’t believe in censorship, we do believe that some materials may have to be restricted in order to comply with state and federal laws.
  7. We reserve the right to terminate or change the program with 30 days notice to participants. If we terminate or change the terms of the program, that will not change the terms for previously submitted books.  In other words, we will keep your book on the shelves and on the Authors Select page for the terms that were in effect when your book was submitted.


You said that you won’t be selling Authors Select books through the website “yet.”  Does that mean that you will in the future?

We certainly hope to.


Ready to promote your book through Authors Select?